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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Emerald Talisman

Author: Brenda Pandos

Summary: To be normal, sixteen-year-old Julia Parker would shed her empathic gift in a second. Life has been difficult since her mother's mysterious disappearance ten years earlier - an event she witnessed, but can't remember. Julia's situation becomes more complicated after a near death experience from a blood thirsty stalker. As high school students go missing it is clear there is a connection to her own experience--past and present. Someone has to stop the madness and a chance encounter with a creepy psychic foretells that only Julia is the key to stopping the madness, but it may require the life of the one she loves.

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  12. Jen


  1. Intense!

    McKenzie, The Book Owl (OR)

  2. I'd like to sign up for this one. NY

  3. OH wow sounds amazing - I would love to join
    Jenn VA

  4. Sounds fascinating. Laura from NC.

  5. I'd like to read this one.
    Brenda (UT)

  6. Sounds amazing!

    Jessica (Rose) - CA

  7. Just read about this. Please sign me up.

    Laurie T (NY)readergirls

  8. This sounds good, sign me up!

    Stacy (TX)

  9. I would like to read this one.
    Can you put me towards the middle or bottom though please.

  10. Interested, please add me.
    Jen (CA)

  11. This sounds so interesting count me in!

    Lizzie (NY)

  12. Add me, please.

    Heather (IL)