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Monday, April 19, 2010


I want to let some people at ease a little bit but I also want to make sure the rules stay enforced so I wanted to clarify on a rule. People were starting to worry that this was for the life of the site; not the year.

Before I had wrote that each person has the option of being late 5 times before they get banned. What I want to clarify about this rule is that you can be late more than 5 times in a year starting from October 2009 (when I started this site). There are a lot of people that are becoming worried about getting a strike and I wanted to let them at ease a little bit. Once the year is up, the strikes reset and you get 5 more strikes the next year. One very important fact that I want to point out however if you get banned, you are banned for life, it does not start over the next year. This rule also applies to the 5 day rule (when you mail 5 days late on more than 2 books).

This is so that people can feel a little at ease but this also means that I won't be as lenient on being late as I have been in the past. Everyone needs to try their best to mail on time and still try to avoid getting strikes.

I am trying to make sure that each person does not end up with more than 2 books in their possession at a time. It is very important to mail out your books by your mail by date or else the person after you may end up with too many or you might.

Exception from strikes will be on a case by case basis but be warned I am more likely to give you the strike than exempt you from it.

I've also been getting a lot of emails from people saying they are mailing late because they've gotten in car accidents but I want to remind you all DO NOT READ WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!!! I repeat, DO NOT READ WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!!

I hope this helps all of you understand the rules better and I hope this will help keep the site moving quickly so everyone gets a chance to read the book. Because everytime someones late, it might mean one less person gets to read the book, especially before its release date.

Also, if your last on a tour, DON'T DROP OUT! I have to jump people up and down constantly because someone has too many books in transit. In other words, if your last you might jump up to be 2nd, who knows!

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  1. I never realized strkes reset. That's nice to know! Thanks for the update Cindy.

  2. car accidents? O_O did their dogs eat the books too? ;)

  3. Great to know the strikes reset! Thanks for clarifying :)

  4. Good to know.

    People reaqlly claim car accidents? I really hope they were just passangers. & didn't walk out in traffic while reading.

  5. That's craziness. Who would read while driving? That's nuts! I know I did mail late because of a car accident last month, but that was because I had been hit by a police car on the way home from getting my mom some medicine. But to read while driving?!?! That's begging to get hurt!