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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Questions To Ponder

I've had a few people mention this to me.

Does it matter if you mail late, even a day? Or does it matter if you mail early?


Think about it this way. If 7 people mail one day late, that makes the tour extend by one week. If 7 people each mail 2 days late, thats 2 weeks right there. Not to mention, our goal is to get through as many people before the release date as possible if its an ARC.

What about if you mail early? Same response here. YES. If 7 people mail one day early, it gets through another whole person before the release date. If each person mails 2 days early, thats 2 more people. Yes, the PO can be slow and I understand that some books are longer and take longer to read, but does it matter if you mail late? It does. And, it makes you seem unreliable because everyone on the tours can see when you mail late. They also know when you mail early.

Its wonderful when you mail by your mail by date. I love it when someone mails early, it shows that they really want to be apart of the tours and are willing to go the extra mile.

What about Media Mail vs Priority Mail? Sometimes I do ship Priority Mail. Lets say, you go and buy an envelope plus pay media mail, your hitting $3.50-$4.50 right there. If you ship priority mail, the envelope or box is included by the Post office and its a flat rate of $4.95 to ship and it takes 3 days to get to its destination! Is it worth it, yes!

I've been lenient on a few occasions, for example, when theres a snowstorm, sometimes I'll let you slide by a few days but as spring is coming, I'll expect you to mail on time. And post your DC to the chatbox, it saves me time by it being there when I do updates!

So, yes, it does matter if you ship on time. Please do so! It helps us all, and makes the tours go smoothly! But I just thought it was interesting to see how much mailing on time really does make a difference!

Also, I will not be accepting DC by email anymore, it HAS to go into the chatbox!

When you really think about how much of an impact you have on the tours by mailing on time, it blows your mind, doesn't it? You Matter. You Impact It!

Most of us follow these rules perfectly! The tours are going great!

Thank You!

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