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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last Call

As you may have noticed more and more tours are starting. I will keep starting more as more authors want to donate. I love the tours. They are a great asset to us bloggers and authors to promote their books and its awesome we can share books.

You may notice that sometimes the order will get shuffled. I do this so someone don't end up with too many books at once. So if someone gets put ahead of you please just be patient. If this happens, you probably have too many books on the way to you or haven't mailed out the ones you have yet and its past your mail by date. That is why its so important to mail on time and post your DC as soon as you mail. This informs me that you mailed the book and are ready for more to be sent to you. Sometimes, you may end up with more than one book. I try not to let it happen but with everyone on the same tours, it happens. I'm just an email away if you have a question.

If you want on some tours that are closed, email me. I will try to fit you on. Some of them are limited tours but for the most part, I can add people on to most of them.

There are many tours almost over, if you want added onto them before they are done, email me now! I can add 1 or 2 people onto each (such as Match Made In High School, Secret Year, etc.)

Also, we are retiring Undead Much and Complete History Of Why I Hate Her.


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