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It is your responsibility to Email Me ( For Next Address, before your mail by date! Please Email me a day or two before your ready to mail. Not the day you get the book! IF mailing early, please tell me, so I can get the address to you FAST!

REMEMBER: Mr Linky is for reviews only, not signups! To sign up, follow directions in each post! (comments-chatbox)

If you want added onto an already closed tour, please email me for permission. I may or may not grant it.

Review Decline Form

Each Person Can Pass on 5 reviews total. Use your 5 wisely!!
--- Your 5 have started over on 7/22/2011 so you are starting from scratch.

Once you go over your 5 you will earn a strike for EVERY book you choose to not review!  And yes, I am keeping track of this!!!!

IF, I give you passes for any reason, I can not give out more than 4 a year and I don't give them out easily! 

Steps To Not Review A Book
-Step 1: When You Decide Not To Review A Book, You MUST Fill Out This Form below. 
- Step 2: You Must Go To That Tour Post And Link Your Blog. (mr linky)
Example: Princess Bookie-NO REVIEW 
It should look like that!

- If The Tour Was Retired Before 7/22/2011, You Have 10 Passes Total For All Retired Tours.

-Current Tours As Of 7/22/2011 You Have 5 Passes Total. They reset 7/22/2012. Be sure to use your 5 wisely! 

-Reviews Should Be at least 3 paragraphs long with 5 or more sentences in each. 

Please fill out the form if declining a review!!!