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Friday, January 13, 2012

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

Summary: Everything is in ruins.

A devastating plague has decimated the population. And those who are left live in fear of catching it as the city crumbles to pieces around them.

So what does Araby Worth have to live for?

Nights in the Debauchery Club, beautiful dresses, glittery make-up . . . and tantalizing ways to forget it all.

But in the depths of the club—in the depths of her own despair—Araby will find more than oblivion. She will find Will, the terribly handsome proprietor of the club. And Elliott, the wickedly smart aristocrat. Neither boy is what he seems. Both have secrets. Everyone does.

And Araby may find something not just to live for, but to fight for—no matter what it costs her.

Donated by Sharon
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  1. I seriously really loved this book!

  2. That cover IS stunning! And it sounds so good! I've been trying to get into Steampunk so maybe this would spark a love for the genre! :)

    Brooke (MN)

  3. I so want to read this book!

    Lillie (PA)

  4. I would love to be on this tour. This has been on my TBR & WOW.
    The cover is stunning & fabfabulous!
    Fran (CT)
    Thank you :)

  5. I absolutely would Love to be on this one! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Heidi (OR)

  6. I would love to be on this one please! Thanks! :) Alice (CA)

  7. Would love to be a part of this tour, thank you. :)

    Susan (TX)

  8. I've been dying to read this. I hope there's still room!

    Bekka (PA)

  9. Oh my goodness gracious. If I can get on this, please please let me!

    Rachel (MS)

  10. I'd like to be on this one, please.

    Laura (AL)

  11. Would REALLY love the chance to be a part of this tour. This book sounds so fabulous and unique, which is what I'm looking for this year in books to read.

    Molli (TN)

  12. Would love to be on this tour as well. Have been DYING to read this.

    Susan (TX)


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  16. Great review! I have read loads of Poe's writings and I think I should really try out this Poe-inspired one.
    Plus, the way you described the characters makes me want to get to know them more. And there's only one way to make that happen--by reading the book. :D
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