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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Strikes-Late Marks 2011-2012

To see 2010 AND/OR 2011 Strike List Please Visit

I will not reverse strikes for lost/stolen books or banned members.

Strikes- (Freebie strikes that are earned can only be used for late mailings)

Reminders- Reminders are emails that are sent to REMIND a person to come post DC after their mail date is passed. 3 Reminders=1 strike!

I always go off the USPS Scan date. If you are having a problem getting them scanned, you need to take them to a clerk to get scanned. (to avoid strikes)

Strikes Started Over 11/1/2011


Alice (CA)
1st Reminder- Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers
1st Strike- Secret Sisterhood Of Heartbreakers Rc'd 11/10 Mail by 11/17 Mailed 11/22 (5 days late)---1st 5 DAY STRIKE
2nd Strike- Au Revoir Crazy Chick Rc'd 10/29 Mail by 11/7 Mailed 11/9 (2 days late)
Pure---Lost In Transit
3rd Strike-Carrier Of The Mark Rc'd 11/12 Mail by 11/21 Mailed 11/23 (2 days late)

Alyssa (PA)
1st Strike- Love And Leftovers NO REVIEW (6th non review yr-so strike)

Andie (VA)
1st Strike-Legend Rc'd 10/27 Mail by 11/3 Mailed 11/8 (5 days late) 1st 5 day STRIKE
2nd Strike- Pure Rc'd 11/2 Mail by 11/9 Mailed 11/10 (1 day late)

Andrea (FL)
1st Strike- Sent Immortal City and There Is No Dog to wrong person (switch up)
Rc'd 12/5 Mail by 12/14 Mailed 12/15 Mailed Touch Morbid (-3) NO STRIKE
Rc'd 12/28 Mail by 1/6 Mailed 1/7 (1 day late) (-5) NO STRIKE

Asheley (NC)
1st Strike-Other Life Rc'd 11/22 Mail by 12/2 Mailed 12/3 (1 day late)

Benji (WA)
1st Strike- Sent Supernaturally and Fury to wrong person (switch up)
2nd Strike- Incarnate Rc'd 12/29 Mail by 1/5 Mailed 1/9 (4 days late)

Blonde Reads (CO)
Future Of Us Rc'd 11/21 Mail by 11/28 Mailed 11/30 (2 days late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE

Brynne (OH)
1st Reminder- Life Is But A Dream
1st Strike- Life Is But A Dream Rc'd 11/15 Mail by 11/22 Mailed 11/23 (1 day late)

Christine (TX)
1st Reminder- Dragonswood
2nd Reminder- Dragonswood
3rd Reminder- Dragonswood
1st Strike--- 3 reminders about Dragonswood

Heather (IL)
Rc'd 12/6 Mail by 12/13 Mailed 12/15 Mailed Incarnate 2 days late USED POINTS (NO STRIKE)

Jamie (WI)
1st Strike- Incarnate Rc'd 12/20 Mail by 12/27 Mailed 12/31 (4 days late)

Jessica Secret (VA)
1st Reminder- There Is No Dog

Kate (CT)
1st Strike- Hallowed Rc'd 11/7 Mail by 11/14 Mailed 11/15 (1 day late)

Kate (VA)
1st Reminder- Truth
1st Strike- Truth Rc'd 11/8 Mail by 11/15 Mailed 11/16 (1 day late)

Kapri (CO)
1st Strike- DID NOT POST DC BEFORE next participate received the book (NO DC)

Kaye (NY)
1st Strike- Temptation Of Angels
Rc'd 12/9 Mail by 12/16 Mailed 12/17 (1 day late)
2nd Strike- Dark Eyes Rc'd 12/21 Mail by 12/28 Mailed 12/29 (1 day late)

Kristi (MI)
On The Fringe Rc'd 11/2 Mail by 11/9 Mailed 11/10 (1 day late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE
Where It Began Rc'd 11/3 Mail by 11/14 Mailed 11/15 (1 day late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE
Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers Rc'd 11/3 Mail by 11/14 Mailed 11/15 (1 day late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE
Dragonswood Rc'd 12/1 Mail by 12/8 Mailed 12/9 (1 day late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE
1st Strike- Did not post review Of Where It Began by due date.
Marked Rc'd 12/29 Mail by 1/5 Mailed 1/6 (1 day late) USED POINTS NO STRIKE

Kristie (NJ)
1st Strike No DC On Article 5

Lauren (KY)
1st Strike- Prized Rc'd 10/28 Mail by 11/4 Mailed 11/7 (3 days late)
2nd Strike- As I Wake Did not post review by due date.
3rd Strike- Crossed Did not post review by due date.
4th Strike- Future Of Us Did not post review by due date.
5th Strike- Future Of Us (NO REVIEW) hits 6 non reviews.

Lindsay (NC)
1st Reminder- How To Save A Life
1st Strike- How To Save A Life
Rc'd 11/15 Mail by 11/22 Mailed 11/26 (4 days late)

Page (ID)
1st Strike-When The Sea Is Rising Red Rc'd 12/5 Mail by 12/12 Mailed 12/13 (1 day late)

Patricia (AZ)
1st Strike- Immortal City Did not Post DC by noon the following day (DC posted late)

Sonny (WI)
1st Strike-Under The Never Sky Rc'd 12/13 Mail by 12/20 Mailed 12/21 (1 day late)

Susan (TX)
1st Strike- (mixed up DC's for Dragonswood and Illuminate, posted wrong DC for each book)


Christine (TX)
Dragonswood Christine (TX) Rc'd 12/28 Mail by 1/4 NEVER MAILED STOLEN

Melissa (NJ)
1st Reminder-Fracture
1st Strike- Frost Rc'd 9/6 Mail by 9/13 Mailed 9/15 (2 days late)
2nd Reminder- Pure
2nd Strike- Pure Rc'd 9/23 Mail by 9/30 Mailed 10/5 (5 days late) 1st 5 day Strike
3rd Reminder- Witch Eyes
4th Reminder- Witch Eyes
BANNED-STOLE WITCH EYES-Sent numerous emails. Gave a due date, never emailed back or sent.


Betty (TN)- Banned
1st Strike Starstruck
Rc'd 12/4 Mail by 12/11 Mailed 12/14 (3 days late)
2nd Strike- Mara Dyer Rc'd 8/29 Mail by 9/6 Mailed 9/9 (3 days late)
1st Reminder- Fracture
3rd STRIKE- LOST FRACTURE- BANNED FOR LOSING BOOK (Lost/Stolen)- Lost in Possession-not mail)

Nely (FL)
1st Strike- Hexbound Rc'd 11/22 Mail by 11/29 (1 day late)
2nd Strike- Through Her Eyes Rc'd 11/22 Mail by 11/29 Mailed 11/30 (1 day late)
1st Reminder- Fallen Angel
3rd Strike- Fallen Angel
Rc'd 12/20 Mail by 12/29 Mailed 1/3 (5 days late) 1st 5 DAY RULE
4th Strike- Mailed Fallen Angel to wrong person (strike at stated in rules)
2nd Reminder- Wither
3rd Reminder- Will Work For Prom Dress
5th Strike- Will Work For Prom Dress Rc'd 2/2 Mail by 2/9 Mailed 2/11 (2 days late)
4th Reminder- Trapped
6th Strike- Trapped Rc'd 3/21 Mail by 3/28 Mailed 4/5 (8 days late)- 2nd 5 day RULE

Chrissy (KS)
1st Strike- Breath of Angel (NO DC)
2nd Strike- Hereafter (Did not post DC to chatbox)
1st Reminder- Haunting Violet
3rd Strike- Haunting Violet Rc'd 6/20 Mail by 6/27 NEVER POSTED DC- STOLE BOOK (emailed numerous Times)

Briana (GA)
1st Reminder- Hereafter
BANNED: 1st Strike- Herafter
Hereafter Rc'd 3/30 Mail by 4/6 Mailed 4/19 (13 days late) -10 or more days late rule



1st Reminder- Babe In Boyland
2nd Reminder- Babe In Boyland
3rd Reminder- Babe In Boyland
4th Reminder- Babe In Boyland
5th Reminder- Babe in Boyland
1st Strike- 5 Reminders from Babe in Boyland
2nd Strike- Automatic Strike-did not post DC for Babe In Boyland
Babe in Boyland- 13 days late- automatically banned


Samantha (TX)
1st Reminder- Vixen
1st Strike- Vixen Rc'd 2/16 Mail by 2/23 Mailed 2/26 (3 days late)
2nd Reminder- Shine
3rd Strike- Shine Rc'd 3/19 Mail by 3/26 Mailed 3/28 (2 days late)
4th Strike- Bad Taste In Boys
Rc'd 4/22 Mail by 4/29 Mailed 5/2 (3 days late)
3rd Reminder- Hereafter
4th Reminder Hereafter
5th Strike- Did not Post DC to Chatbox
6th Strike- Did not mail Hereafter on time (no prove, no DC- didn't answer emails)

Carol (TX)
1st Reminder- Out For Blood
2nd Reminder- Out For Blood
3rd reminder- Out For Blood

1st Strike-Out For Blood STOLEN BOOK (emailed many many times with no response)
WARNING- Also donated Iron Thorn and Throat and gave me DC (printed label using paypal) and did not mail package-no scans at all. I contacted several times, would not answer emails.

J.P. Wick(NC)
1st Reminder Trapped
2nd Reminder Trapped
3rd Reminder Trapped
4th Reminder Trapped
5th Reminder Trapped
1st Strike Trapped (from 5 Reminders)
6th Reminder Trapped
7th Reminder Trapped
8th Reminder Trapped
9th Reminder-Trapped
10th Reminder-Trapped
2nd strike-Trapped (from 5 Reminders)
11th Reminder Trapped
3rd Strike- DC did not work (emailed a few times to recheck-never responded)
4th Strike- Rc'd 4/27 Mail by 5/4 Mailed 5/18 (14 days late) automatic ban-from 10 day rule.

Crystal (NC)- (banned because over 10 day rule. (Jonas

1st Heavenly Rc'd 2/5 Mailed 2/16 (4 days late)
2nd Harmonic Feedback Rc'd 3/8 Mailed 3/16 (1 day late)
3rd Jonas Crystal (NC) Rec 3/12 Mailed 3/24 (12 days late)
4th Manifest Rc'd 8/21 Mail by 8/28 Mailed 8/31 (3 days late)
1st Reminder- The Trust
5th- Trust Rc'd 9/7 Mail by 9/14 Mailed 9/24 (10 days late)


Kristin S (IL)-(Banned because Did not receive Summer or Boys back- (stolen)

1st- Heavenly Rc'd 4/27 Mail by 5/4 Mailed: 5/13 (8 days late)
2nd- Hearts At Stake Rec 4/27 Mail by 5/4 Mailed: 5/13 (extension)
3rd-Jekel Loves Hyde- DID NOT GET SCANNED-4 DAY LIMIT (took 6 days to get scanned)
4th Summer of Skinny Dipping-waiting on DC to get scanned??? NEVER RECEIVED BACK
5th- waiting on boys bears DC scanned??? NEVER RECEIVED BACK

Maddie (MN) (banned because over 10 day rule. Love Inc)

1st Reminder- Love Inc
2nd Reminder- Love Inc
3rd Reminder- Love Inc
1st Strike- Love INC Rc'd 10/6 Mail by 10/13 Mailed 10/27 (14 days late) 10 day rule- AUTOMATICALLY BANNED

Lexie (NJ) (had 2 books at once- both were over 10 days late-Deception,Raised Wolves)

Whisper- Rc'd: 4/2 Mail by: 4/9 Mailed: 4/16 (7 days late)
1st Reminder- Whisper
2nd Reminder- Whisper
1st Strike- Whisper 7 days late on mailing (also uses up 1/2 against the 5 day rule)

Guardian of the Dead- Rc'd: 5/5 Mail by: 5/12 Mailed: 5/13 (1 day late)
3rd Strike: Deception- Rc'd: 5/15 Mail by: 5/22 Mailed: 6/4 (13 days late)
4th strike:Raised by Wolves- Rc'd: 5/14 Mail by: 5/21 Mailed: 6/4 (14 days late)
5 Reminder- Deception === 1 strike=== 3 strikes total
6th Reminder- Raised By Wolves

Samantha (TN)- Banned (because of Strike Limit)

1st- Whisper Rc'd 4/10 Mail by 4/17 Mailed: 4/20 (3 days late)
2nd- Sisters Red Rc'd 4/27 Mail by 5/4 Mailed: 5/5 (1 day late)
3rd- Guardian of the Dead Rc'd 6/4 Mail by 6/11 Mailed: 6/12 (1 day late)
4th- Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots Rc'd 6/9 Mail by 6/16 Mailed: 6/17 (1 day late)
5th- Immortal Beloved Rc'd 6/11 Mail by 6/18 Mailed: 6/21 (3 days late)
6th- Education of Bet Rc'd 6/11 Mail by 6/18 Mailed: 6/21 (3 days late)
7th- Everlasting Rc'd 6/29 Mail by 7/6 Mailed: 7/8 (2 days late)

StarShadow (ME) (Banned because of 10 day rule. Had Lifted 19 days)

1st- Beautiful Between Rc'd 4/19 Mail by: 4/26 Mailed: 4/30 (4 days late)
2nd- Karma Club Rc'd 4/19 Mail by: 4/26 Mailed: 4/30 (4 days late)
3rd- Lost For Words Rc'd 4/16 Mail by: 4/23 Mailed: 4/30 (7 days late)
(1st strike against 5 day rule)
4th- Ghost and Goth Rc'd 5/5 Mail by: 5/12 Mailed: 5/14 (2 days late)
1st Reminder Lifted
5th Lifted Rc'd 5/18 Mail by: 5/25 Mailed: 6/11 (19 days late)

Miss Cindy (CA) (banned because of strike limit Reminder Emails hit 6th strike)

1st Strike: M. Road Rc'd 3/30 Mailed 4/9 = 3 days late
2nd-Knife Killed Me Rc'd 4/19 Mailed 4/29= 3 days late
3rd-In A Heartbeat: Rc'd 4/21 Mailed 4/29=1 day late
4th-Mockingbird Rc'd 5/15 Mailed 5/27- 5 days late
5th-Thirteen Days To Midnight- Rc'd 5/15 Mailed 5/27 5 days late
+ 1 strike from reminders 5 reminder emails equal one strike= 6 strikes total Also, the 5 day rule would apply here, you also had 2 5 day rules.
Reminders Sent:
1st Reminder- Knife that Killed Me
2nd Reminder Mockingbird
3rd Reminder Thirteen Days To Midnight
4th REminder Mockingbird
5th Reminder Thirteen Days To Midnight
=1 strike= 6 total

Carrie (NY)- (Banned because of strike limit (hit 6 strikes)

1st-Shadow-3 days late Rc'd 4/9 Mail by 4/16 Mailed: 4/19 (3 days late)
2nd-The Sky is Everywhere Rc'd 4/19 Mail by 4/26 Mailed: 4/27 (1 day late)
3rd Plus Rc'd 4/28 Mail by 5/5 Mailed: 5/12 (7 days late
4th- Split Rc'd 5/11 Mail by 5/18 Mailed: 5/19 (1 day late)
5th The Truth About Delilah Blue Rc'd 6/10 Mail by 6/17 Mailed: 6/18 (1 day late)
6th-Grace Rc'd 7/17 Mail by 7/24 Mailed 7/26 (2 days late)


GfDesigns (Banned because she stole a book) (Freaksville)

1st- Nailed Rc'd 1/2 Mail by 1/9 Mailed: 1/12 (1 day late)
2nd- Whisper Rc'd 2/22 Mail by 2/29 Mailed at least one day late.
3rd-Freaksville Rc'd 4/3 Mail by 4/10 Mailed: BANNED WILL NOT CONTACT ABOUT FREAKSVILLE--BOOK STOLEN
Tracee (WI)
1st- Personal Demons (said went lost???)
3rd- Wildthorne
4th-Infinite Days

Staysi (PA)- 3 months to mail one book! Harmonic Feedback (never responded to my emails within the 3 months either.)


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