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Friday, August 20, 2010

Desires Of The Dead

by Kimberly Derting

Summary: The missing dead call to Violet. They want to be found.

When Violet Ambrose's morbid ability to sense the echoes of those who've been murdered leads her to the body of a young boy, she draws the attention of the FBI. She is reluctantly pulled into an investigation that will endanger more than just her secret...but her relationship and possibly her life as well.

Donated by Amy

Signups CLOSED- Leave State This is the sequel to The Body Finder- Have you read it? If not, can you get it before your turn? Please Answer!
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Leilani (CA) Rc'd 9/29 Mail by 10/5 DC:03093220000068924394
Lena (TX) Rc'd 10/13 Mail by 10/20 DC:0307 1790 0005 8511 3198
Andrea (FL) Rc'd 10/25 Mail by 11/1 DC:9102150134711411298945
Page (ID) Rc'd 11/4 Mail by 11/11 DC:9102150134711424143256
Tara (IL) Rc'd 11/13 Mail by 11/20 DC:0309 2880 0001 8093 8216
Amber (MO) Rc'd 11/22 Mail by 11/29 DC:03082690000143151843
Nikki (NH) Rc'd 12/10 Mail by 12/17DC:0310 2010 0000 7922 2599

Heather (IL) Rc'd 12/21 Mail by 12/29 DC:03091140000075132073
Stacey (TX) Rc'd 1/3 Mail by 1/10 DC:9102969010383114637209


  1. Meaghan, VA
    I have read The Body Finder, so I am ready to go with this one :) So excited!!

  2. Melissa, IN
    I have read the body finder and loved it. Can't wait to read this one.

  3. I've read The Body Finder.

    Tiger (AL)

  4. I have read the body finder!


  5. *Drool* I would love to sign up! :) I have read The Body Finder

    Jenn VA

  6. I have The Body Finder and would read it prior to receiving this book.

    Tara SG - IL

  7. I have The Body Finder available to read.

    These covers are so simple, but so pretty! :)

    Ashley (ID)

  8. I have read the body finder!

    Enna Isilee (UT)

  9. OMG, yes, please!!! :D

    And yes, I have read The Body Finder.


  10. Finishing up The Body Finder right now :)

    Amber (MO)

  11. YES I've read The Body Finder!

    I need this book haha.

    Sara (ky)


  12. Yes please! I loved The Body Finder!!

    Andrea (FL)

  13. I have The Body Finder in my possession and intend to read it. I would LOVE to get to read this soon after!

  14. Oops! Sorry forgot:

    Heather (Proud Book Nerd), Illinois

  15. I have a copy of The Body Finder and have read it. I would love to participate.

    Espe (AZ)

  16. This is a sequel I've been DYING to read!

    Catie (UT)

  17. I want to read this SOOOOOO bad!

    Nely (FL)

  18. Please! I've read (and loved) The Body Finder

    Page (ID)

  19. I hope I can get on this tour! I've read and loved The Body Finder!

    Hope (MI)

  20. I am reading The Body Finder and would be ready for Desires of the Dead if I'm the on the tour! Thanks!

    Ivy (MN)

  21. I may want in on this one. But put me at the bottom bc I need to read TBF! Tks :)

  22. I have the Body Finder, and It is next on my TBR pile.

    Kim (VA)