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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tour News

After chatting with a few fellow tour members who brought up important questions, I think it is best if we do not have the point system.

Questions that were asked and I considered.

-If I have a PO Box, does the 3 day rule go by the day I receive the book or the day I pick it up from the post office? The 7 day rule already applies to the day it is received at the Post office so there was no way for me to adjust to fit the 3 day rule.

-I know that we are supposed to post our reviews within a week of mailing the book out, but how is it fair for me to write a detailed review, while other person writes a paragraph and still earns the point? Usually I'm not too harsh on reviews, if you link your review, than I'm happy but with earning points, its not entirely fair for someone to earn one point writing half a paragraph while another person writes 3-4 paragraphs. Please do not slack on writing reviews. The reviews help maintain and keep the site running properly!

-What if I'm not on as many tours as someone else, how am I supposed to earn points as quickly as them? This was a good question. Not everyone is on all the tours. Some people have only signed up for 3-4 tours so its harder to gain points as quickly as others.

After these questions and a series of others, I have came to the conclusion that it is just too hard to keep up with a point system. Some people do not think its fair, while others are all for it.
So, for now, we are just going to keep things the way they are.

Sign up for tour
Mail the book within a week
Delivery Confirmation is required
Review the book and link it

Pretty simple.

Thanks for baring with me while we at least tried the point system out. I just want the site to be successful.



  1. Either way is fine with me! And I agree that there's no way the point system could have been completely fair to everyone.

  2. Cindy, it sounds like the point system would be a lot of extra work for someone (you). Good idea not to do it.

  3. I did think it was going to be too much work added on to what you already do. Personally, I am glad the points won't be done. I had the same questions that you just posted.

  4. Sounds good to me. The point system did seem complicated and more work than is necessary, but I figured if you wanted to do it, that'd be fine with me. This is fine with me too. I just like getting the chance to read ARC's, so if I get to do that, I'm happy. :)

  5. I was pretty much either way with it, but I had knew it probably would be extra hassle for you.

  6. I'm fine either way. I was wondering yesterday just how much extra work this would be for you, and had some sympathy! LOL I say do what you think is best for the tours. I'm just happy to be able to take part in this! :-)

  7. Sounds fine to me. I know the site alone must require a huge amount of work on your part. Adding a points system on top would probably turn out to be a pain to keep up with.

  8. Makes sense. My initial concern was how much extra work it would entail for you to keep track of everything. Thanks for this web site with tours -- I've read several fabulous books because of you.