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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Author: Angie Frazier
Release Date: June 2010
Donated By: StephSu

Summary: Sailing aboard her father’s trade ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a girl of society in 1855 San Francisco, her future is set: marry a man she doesn’t love, or condemn herself and her father to poverty.

On her final voyage before the wedding, the stormy arms of the Tasman Sea claim her father, and a terrible family secret is revealed. A secret intertwined with a fabled map, the mother Camille has long believed dead, and an ancient stone that wields a dangerous—and alluring—magic.

The only person Camille can depend on is Oscar, a handsome young sailor whom she is undeniably drawn to. Torn between trusting her instincts and keeping her promises to her father, Camille embarks on a perilous quest into the Australian wilderness to find the enchanted stone. As she and Oscar elude murderous bushrangers and unravel Camille’s father’s lies, they come closer to making the ultimate decision of who—and what—matters most.

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  1. OOOH, I've been wanting to read this. Sign me up!


  2. I've been wanting to read this! Count me in. OH.

  3. Laura from Tattooed Books in NC. Looks good!

  4. I'm in- this sounds excellent!

    Emily NY

  5. This sounds great!

    Cate (NC)

  6. I would love to read this!
    Brenda (UT)

  7. Wow. This sounds amazing!

    McKenzie, The Book Owl (OR)

  8. Been waiting to read this one!!

    Samantha LeAnne (TN)

  9. I've been looking forward to this one!

    Jennifer G. (NC)