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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan


Summary; Farrah Higgins spends most of her time masquerading as normal. A Los Angeles high school senior who left behind her geek self in another school district and calculated a successful formula for disguising her math genius so she can hang with the "in" crowd. "Digit" may be going to MIT in the fall but until then she's blending in at Santa Monica High and trying to be whatever equals "normal.” But while watching her favourite hit television show she notices seemingly random numbers appear on the bottom of the screen. She quickly discovers a message that she shrugs off until a terrorist attack occurs at JFK airport and she realizes the numbers directly correlated to the date and location of the bombing. She visits the FBI headquarters to explain what she saw, but she gets the "fruitcake" treatment from a young, hot agent, John Bennett. Soon she's investigating on her own and being chased by terrorists. The FBI has to fake her kidnapping to free her from the terrorists, and suddenly her senior year has gotten a lot more interesting.

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