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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Common Questions Regarding ARC Tours

Here are some common questions regarding ARC Tours.

What is Delivery Confirmation?

Delivery Confirmation is tracking. It is purchased at the post office when you mail your book. You ask the clerk for it. Is is required when mailing. Remember, you have one week to keep the book.

When should I post my DC?
DC should always be posted ON or BEFORE your mail date! It must be posted by noon the day after you mail!!!! If you are mailing late and using points, please remember to email me and inform me.

What if I don't post DC by noon the following day?
You will earn the strike.

What if I mail a day late?
Than your DC is due the following day after you mail by noon.

Will I still receive reminder emails about posting DC?
YES, if you did not alert me that you are mailing late! Please fill out the mailing late form on the site so you do not receive reminder emails!

Do reminder emails still equal strikes?
YES! 3 Reminders=1 strike!

What does a Review consist of "Exactly?"
A review is your opinion of the book. As stated in the review tab, a review must be at least 3 paragraphs long. Each paragraph should contain at least 5 sentences. Full reviews are required (3 paragraphs-5 sentences each). If it is shorter, you risk the chance of getting a strike for no review and a non review against your 5 no reviews! Write up more if you please!

When Are Reviews Due?
A review is due a week from when you mail a book. Don't forget to link it. Failure to do either, you take the chance of a strike and a non review against your reviews! I will be randomly checking to make sure everyone is caught up on reviews, so don't get behind!!

What if I dislike a book and don't know how to review it?
You have the option of filling out the decline form. Another suggestion is to do a Didn't Like/Didn't Finish Friday. Some people write a review telling why they didn't finish it/why they didn't like it. Remember, this still must be 3 paragraphs long with 5 sentences each for it to count!!

How can I donate an ARC?
Under the donate tab!

Thank You!