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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

Summary: Sometimes there's no turning back.

Amber's life is spinning out of control. All she wants is to turn up the volume on her iPod until all of the demands of her family and friends fade away. So she sneaks off to the beach to spend a day by herself.

Then Amber meets Cade. Their attraction is instant, and Amber can tell that he's also looking for an escape. Together they decide to share a perfect day: no pasts, no fears, no regrets.

The more time that Amber spends with Cade, the more she's drawn to him. And the more she's troubled by his darkness. Because Cade's not just living in the now--he's living each moment like it's his last.

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  1. I would like to read it, please. Kira (UT)

  2. sounds interesting! sign me up!

    Tania (PA)

  3. ME ME ME ! I love Lisa Schroeder's writing

    Mary (CA)

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  5. Teri(OR)
    would love on this tour

  6. If it's not too late, I'd love to participate!

    Heather (Proud Book Nerd), Illinois

  7. Would love to be added!
    Miranda TX

  8. May I be added please?

    Andrea (FL)

  9. UPDATED TO HERE- If you want added on to this tour, please leave a comment in chatbox!!! (not on this post)

  10. Really wanna read this!! I'm in PA.