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Friday, October 1, 2010

XVI by Julia Karr

Summary: In the year 2150, being a girl isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when your sixteenth (read sex-teenth) birthday is fast approaching. That in itself would be enough to make anyone more than a little nuts, what with the tattoo and all – but Nina Oberon’s life has taken a definite turn for the worse. Her mother is brutally stabbed and left for dead. Before dying, she entrusts a secret book to Nina, telling her to deliver it to Nina's father. But, first Nina has to find him; since for fifteen years he's been officially dead. Complications arise when she rescues Sal, a mysterious, and ultra hot guy. He seems to like Nina, but also seems to know more about her father than he’s letting on. Then there’s that murderous ex-government agent who’s stalking her, and just happens to be her little sister’s dad."

Signups Open-Leave State

  1. Lena (TX) Rc'd 10/26 Mail by 11/5 DC:0307 1790 0005 8535 6267
  2. Readergirls (NY) Rc'd 11/8 Mail by 11/15 DC:0309 3220 0001 4667 0335
  3. Steph Su (PA) Rc'd 11/20 Mail by 11/29 DC: 03102010000022524145
  4. Sarah (CO) Rc'd 12/6 Mail by 12/13 DC:420776579102150134711483114440
  5. Miss Havoc (TX) Rc'd 12/16 Mail by 12/23 DC:03100480000126833717
  6. Jessica S (VA) Rc'd 12/30 Mail by 1/6 DC:0310 2010 0002 1452 8524
  7. Becky (NE) Rc'd 1/12 Mail by 1/19 DC:0309 3220 0002 1405 0359
  8. Page (ID) Rc'd 1/26 Mail by 2/2 DC:9102150134711561420685
  9. Melanie (NY) Rc'd 2/5 Mail by 2/12 DC:9102150134711575082732
  10. Ashley (ID) Rc'd 2/14 Mail by 2/22 DC:0310 2640 0000 4617 5045
  11. Mariah (TX) Rc'd 2/28 Mail by 3/7 DC:03103200000002207639
  12. Jennifer (NJ) Rc'd 3/12 Mail by 3/19 DC:0310 0480 0000 7033 9587
  13. Laura (NC) Rc'd 3/21 Mail by 3/28 DC:0310 2010 0000 5579 6984
  14. Ky (NE) Rc'd 4/1 Mail by 4/18 DC:04969008132016072518
  15. Michelle


  1. Sign me up, please!

    Amanda (MI)

  2. I've definitely been wanting to read this one!

    Ashley (ID)

  3. Tara T (IL)

    Can't wait to read this!

  4. I would like to read this one. Keyona NY

  5. sounds really interesting. i'd love to be included. thanks!

  6. I'm interested, thank you!

    Steph Su, PA

  7. This looks so good!
    Cassie (PA)

    BTW I love your fall theme at the top!

  8. Kandace @ This Blonde Reads - CO

  9. Alex(TX)

    From More Than Just A Book!

  10. Sarah (NY, formerly PA)

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  12. Oh! I just read the rules. Really great idea. I hope to participate in the future, but not right now. Can you please take me off? Thanks. :)

  13. I can't wait to read this, and I think the book tour is one of the best ideas I've seen since Netgalley. Can I try with this title? It's a must read for me.
    Kristie (NJ)

  14. Can I be added to this tour?

    Kira (UT)

  15. Since XVI is coming out so soon, and it's definitely a must-read, I will bow out of this tour.

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  17. I would like to be removed from this tour, thank you.

    Marie (CA)

  18. Teri (OR) If there is room I would love on

  19. Please add me if sign ups are still open.

    Jennifer (NJ)

  20. If there's room, I'd like to be added to this tour.

    Jessica (WA)