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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tour News

With winter right around the corner, I have decided to reset the strikes now instead of at the end of November. As of  Friday, October 22nd they are reset. This is because winter is coming and a lot of you are close to hitting your strike limit. I want all of us to start fresh during this winter.

Please remember that each person is only allowed 5 normal strikes each year. This may seem like a lot but it is not. With snow season afloat, my best advice is don't use them unless you have too. Please review the rules of the tour site to refresh your memory. 

Most of the tour members are very prompt at posting DC but with my schedule getting busier, I will be more strict on DC. You should be posting DC the day you mail or at the very least the next day. Remember each time I send you a reminder email it it counts against your strike limit. It does add up. 5 Reminder Emails=1 strike. This is to enforce you to come post DC.  I may seem strict sometimes but this is what keeps the site running smoothly. It takes me time to update everyday so please do your part and mail and post DC on time. Trust me, I don't like getting on your case. I don't enjoy bugging you. 

Another thing, if you plan on using your strikes and are mailing a book late, please email me and let me know. This will assure that I don't send you a million reminder emails, therefore they won't count against your strike limit.  5 Reminders=1 strike.

If you are behind on reviews please catch up. I will be getting stricter on this as well. You should be linking your review within 2 weeks of mailing the book out (either on goodreads or your blog).

Another thing to think about is, if you have an arc of an upcoming YA novel please donate it to the tour site. This is what causes the site to stay alive. If nobody donates arcs, the  tour site will die down and become inactive. Please consider donating if you get an arc. Please take this time to go through your arcs (if you have them) and fill out the donation form. 

As always you can find the strikes on the right hand side under member standings to keep track of your strikes. 

Thanks for participating in Around The World Tours. 

Comments? Questions?

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