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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Odds And Ins

Summers end is fast approaching and I will be one of the many college students who return to the life of a student! Winter will come, snowstorms, sleet, freezing rain will start up once again, bad weather will make its way back into our life!

Also, since I'm going to be back in school, please make it a little easier on me and come post your DC on the day you mail! I really hate sending out those pesky reminder emails!

ALERT: If you read my post this morning, you knew I had went ahead and started strikes over! I came home tonight and I had about 10 emails waiting for me in my inbox tonight about starting strikes over. People were not happy about it, because they have not been late (or have been 1-2 times) and they planned on using the others at the start of bad weather this year than when the strikes started over in November, they would start anew. I only want what is best for the site, therefore I will not start strikes over until November as requested by a bunch of you. Hopefully this helps everyone out, and people use their late mailings when the weather gets bad before the new year!

Please please think about donating an ARC if you have one you think everyone would be interested in reading, that is what is going to keep the site up and about! If you have a contact at a publishing company OR are friends with an author, please do let them know about our awesome site!

From here on out, I will also need you to fill out the new Blogger Signup Form. This is required! Its a little more detailed this time so I know a little more about you, incase I decide to give you an extension on a book every once in a while! The old one will nolonger be used so please read the new one and fill it out carefully so there are no mistakes!


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  1. Did you want the old members to fill out the form as well?
    I did, just in case...

  2. Yep, everybody needs too, this is the form I will be using from now on!