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Monday, July 12, 2010


Author: Ginger Rue
Publisher: Tricycle Press
Release Date: September 2010

Summary: When Brinkley awoke, Cocoa wasn't there. Perhaps I've overslept, she thought, and Tallulah has already come and let him out. Brinkley noticed that the surface under her head was hard and cold, and the sound rousing her from sleep wasn't her cell alarm. It was...giggling?
She opened one eye and saw a face she'd seen before but couldn't place. It was some guy...some nobody...from school. What was he doing in her house? Immediately, she sat up, ready to demand that he get out of her room. But when she looked around, she wasn't in her room.
She was in a classroom at Story.
"Miranda, did you get your beauty sleep?" the teacher asked. The class giggled again. Brinkley stared, mouth open. Why was the teacher looking at her?

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