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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Missing Reviews

You have been redirected to this page because you might be missing a review.

As you may have noticed, I started a new form for missing reviews. Over the next week I will be evaluating each tour to see who is missing reviews. Please get your reviews in by June 1st for the following retired tours. If you do not want to review that book, please fill out the form located under REVIEWS. If you are behind on any other reviews, please get them in before I evaluate that tour so your name does not make the list next time. There are a few of you that you've had something come up in your personal life that I gave you a pass on, if you are one of the few people (yes I have them written down) please fill out the form anyway and type in that I let you pass so I can still document it)

Please leave a comment after your link or fill out form so I can delete your name.

This will continue to be updated as I go through each tour and determine missing reviews. My goal is to get us completely caught up so nobody has unaccounted for reviews!


Before I Fall
BookMac (MA)

Catie (UT)

Falling For Romeo
Dannie (NJ)
Alexa (DC)

Family Green
Deidre (NC)

Karin (OK)
Holly (GA)

Inside Out
Erica (MI)
Kate (TN)

Knife That Killed Me
Deidre (GA)
Miss Cindy (CA)
Sharon (NY)

Of All Stupid Things
Sandy (NY)

Kathy (IN)
BookMac (MA)
Mariah (TX)


  1. I linked my review for Runaway. I can't believe I missed it.

  2. Posted Before I Fall, whoops!

  3. I asked to skip the Jonas review in the comments on the tour.


  4. My reviews is actually linked on Runaway. I'm Sarah (YA Librarian Tales)

  5. I emailed you about skipping the Daughters review. I can reforward if you like.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I already posted my Inside Out review, I asked not to review Dear Big V, and Runaway should be reviewed soon.

  8. I linked up Falling For Romeo! Sorry, I thought I had done that last month!

    I emailed you about the rest when I had them, but I took a pass on Island Sing & Jonas. I never had a chance to read Fallen b/c I had been in the hospital.

  9. Updated To HERE! In order for me to take your name off the list, you must either fill out the review decline form for each book OR post the review.

    Than leave a comment here and I'll delete you off the list!!

  10. I put mine up, so thought I had put it up but I found it so its up now.

  11. I liked my review for Hourglass.

    Kristen S.

  12. I had already linked my review for Falling for Romeo. I thought I'd said that, but either way, it's there :)

  13. Apparently my review of Inside Out never posted to my blog. Whoops. Posted & linked now. Form also completed for Dear Big V. Thanks!

  14. Filled out the decline form for Dear Big V

  15. I posted my review for The Knife That Killed Me.