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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Author: Jennifer Laurens
Donated by Jennifer Laurens

Summary: SPOILER ALERT. Do Not Read if you haven't read first one!

Book Two. Seeing good and evil spirits is a gift Zoe guards with her life. Despite her guardian angel's disappearance, Zoe forces herself to accept that she still has a purpose-but how does she carry the weight of her brother's drug abuse, the hardship of living with an autistic sister, and a best friend who's obsessed with a guy who only wants Zoe? She's never felt more alone. When a mysterious spirit appears, Zoe thinks she has a new guardian angel. Instead, her brother's addiction worsens, her parents are on the brink of separation, and her best friend tries to kill her. The spirit she thinks is her new guardian isn't there to protect her: he's out to destroy her family and seize Zoe's soul. . . for Hell. Will Matthias' return mean that he is Zoe's guardian angel again? Or is their love the reason the jaws of Hell now gape open?

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  1. I emailed you about 'Heavenly'. Please sign me up for this book as well!! Thanks!!

    Kate, CT

  2. Heck to the yeah! I've been wanting to read the sequel forever now :)

    Amber (MO)

  3. I won Heavenly so hopefully I will get it soon and read it so I can follow up with this one! yay!!

    Stacy (TX)

  4. I thought I posted a comment??
    Trying again.
    Betty Tennessee

  5. Heavenly was amazing cant wait to read this one.

    ReaganStar (ME)

  6. Please add me to this one! I sent you an email about Heavenly. Thanks!

    Kristen S. - ChicagoCubs

  7. Please add me! I loved Heavenly! Can't wait!

    Samantha LeAnne (TN)

  8. Oh, me me! I reviewed Heavenly too.


  9. Add me, please! I've already read Heavenly!

    Holly (GA)

  10. Add me please, but I'd like to read Heavenly first!
    Angel (WV)

  11. Hi. I have a copy of Heavenly but would love to read Penitence.