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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Love Story :Starring My Dead Best Friend

Author: Emily Horner
Release Date: June 2010

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Summary: For months, Cass Meyer has heard her best friend Julia, a wannabe Broadway composer, whispering about a top-secret project. Then Julia is killed in a sudden car accident, and while Cass is still reeling from her death, Julia’s boyfriend and her other drama friends make it their mission to bring to fruition the nearly-completed secret project: a musical about an orphaned ninja princess entitled Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad.

Cass isn’t one of the drama people. She doesn’t feel at home with Julia’s drama friends, and she doesn’t see a place for her in the play. Things only get worse when she finds out that Heather Galloway, the girl who made her miserable all through middle school, has been cast as the ninja princess.

Cass can’t take a summer of swallowing her pride and painting sets, so she decides to follow her original plan for a cross-country road trip with Julia. Even if she has a touring bicycle instead of a driver’s license, and even if Julia’s ashes are coming along in Tupperware.

Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad is a story about friendship. About love. About traveling a thousand miles just to find yourself. About making peace with the past, and making sense of it. And it’s a story about the bloodiest high school musical one quiet suburb has ever seen.

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  1. This sounds like a great one!

    Catie - UT

  2. I've been wanting to read this for a while now!

    McKenzie, The Book Owl (OR)

  3. Looks great!

    -Jacki- OH

  4. Looks good

    Emily, Emily's Reading Room (UT)

  5. Sign me up!

    Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf - PA

  6. I'd love this book- have been looking forward to it since it was called Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad, lol. James, VA

  7. I would love to be part of this tour.

    Lauren (PA)

  8. Just linked up - thanks again for the opportunity!