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Friday, March 19, 2010

Chhh, Chhh, Changes

As you may have noticed a lot is changing on the tour site! The layout has been completely redone. There is also no older button anymore at the button of the page, unless you do a search. It has been reported a lot of bloggers who are changing their layouts are having this same problem. I have linked all book titles on the sidebar so you can go to each one to see where you are, etc.

There is also a limit on each tour now. 10-15 people on each tour and they will be chosen randomly by random org (putting each name by a number in excel and using randomorg to choose). This is due to the fact that I do not want arcs circulating within 3 months of the books release date. This is for all new tours. The ones that have already started will remained unchanged. I'll be frank, if the arcs speed up a little bit, I'll be able to add more people onto them. So if possible, mail the book before your week is up to keep it on the move. There will also be a lot of people jumping up and down on tours, since I am keeping better track of how many books a person gets at one time. This is so you don't feel overwhelmed!

Remember to brush up on the rules.

You must be responsible to be apart of this site.

I would love to start new tours. If you have An ARC you'd like to donate for a tour please contact me.

- Please use the chatbox more often! Post when you send a book (DC) and when you receive the book. It helps me ALOT!

Thank You All For being apart of the tours!!!

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  1. Great ideas and I love the new look, very classy! Thanks for all the hard work to everyone involved!