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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January updates

Just wanted to tell you guys that the site is going great.

I also wanted to let you know please keep linking your reviews in Mr Linky. I will be going through each post in the next week and if your missing a review I will be documenting it so you know if your missing any.

Also, if you have any contacts at publishing companies or author relationships please help us get more arc tours going! All help is appreciated and its you who helps us maintain this site and keep it fun!!! Or, if you have an arc you'd like to donate let us know!

Thanks to my lovely assistants Drea and Sara for helping me maintain this site!

Have any questions or comments?? Leave Em!

Cindy aka Princess Bookie


  1. I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am with Around The World tours. I'm part of a couple other book tour websites, but this is by far the most efficient. Good job on running the site so smoothly!

  2. Aw, thank you Book Owl! We love hearing comments like that! Thanks to you guys for being fabulous and following rules. W/o everyone's cooperation it would never be able to run this smooth!

  3. I love this site, so great to be able to read these books! My library system is not so with it when it comes to buying new YA books, so I have been using this site almost solely for new YA releases (besides ones I manage to buy). So glad most of the people who participate read and send the books out according to the rules!