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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Enforcing the Rules

I know Thanksgiving and Christmas are a busy time of year, but in order for everyone to be able to read the books in the tours, we need to keep the tours moving.

Its been brought to my attention that members of the tours haven't been receiving books on time because people are mailing later than they are supposed too, and I want this tour to be fair to everyone and I want everyone to get a chance to read the book.

If you decide to keep the book and don't ship it to the next person at all, I will post your name so that owner and the next person on the list knows who has the book and why it has stopped moving. I would really recommend not doing this because it will hurt your ability to receive books in the future, and not just from my tours.

So, in order to do that I've decided there needs to be some set rules to help keep the books moving.
  • If you are a week late, than your going to get a warning. The second time it happens, you will be banned from all tours.
  • If you are over 2 weeks late, than you are automatically banned from all tours.
  • If you mail more than 5 books late you are automatically banned from all tours.
  • Remember, I will also always be going off DC, when the post office says you got it, and if they leave you a slip because your not home its your responsibility to go and pick it up the next day and not a week later because by that point, it would need to already be on the way to the next person.
  • Donations are always welcome as well-that is what keeps the website running!
  • Remember when you mail it, you need to come by the blog that day and post the DC in the chatbox. It is your responsibility.
  • There is no excuse under any circumstance that you send the book to someone not on the list or someone farther down on the list before you mail to the next person. It is forbidden, that is why we have tracking, and if they aren't on the list than you should not be mailing to them and if its not their turn yet you should not be mailing to them. End of story.
AS OF 12/3 These Rules Are in Effect and if you mail late, these rules will apply to you so if you are supposed to get a book out before 12/3, you should do it now.

I hope that everyone agrees and follows these rules. If you have any concerns about them, contact me.


  1. This sounds fair. People know the rules when signing up, so I think this is a good policy to enforce.

  2. People better not keep my arcs... or I will get you! :p

    But seriously, respect the process people!

  3. This is a wonderful opportunity being offered and we should all be very thankful and respectful of others. The rules sound very reasonable to me.

  4. These rules are fine, but I'm confused about the third rule. Doesn't it contradict the first rule which says if you mail two books late you will be banned from all tours? How would anyone make it to 5 late books without being banned?

  5. The first rule is if you are more than a week late twice. The first and second rules are measured in weeks at a time.

    Late= After expected mail out date

    Rule 1 Violation Example:
    Book 1 - 1 week late = warning
    Book 2 - 1 week late = ban

    Rule 2 Violation Example
    Book 1 - 2 weeks late = ban

    The third rule is not measured in weeks. It is measured in days. So an example would be:

    Rule 3 Violation Example
    Book 1 - 2 days late on mailing
    Book 2 - 6 days late on mailing
    Book 3 - 5 days late on mailing
    Book 4 - 4 days late on mailing
    Book 5 - 3 days late on mailing

    After the 5th book is late they will be banned.

    This rule is to keep everyone from mailing the books 6 days late everytime so that they can get past the week rules.

  6. Cool, Cindy. Thanks for clearing that up.