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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Big V

Author: Ellen W. Leroe
Release Date: September 2009
Donated By: Book Owl

Summary: Courtney Condon, a funny, off-beat junior, is caught smack in the middle of the war between the Lewds and the Prudes at Delaware-Valley High School. Court's the founder of an abstinence club at Dull-Val. But when she's assigned an Op Ed piece for the school paper that forces her to work with Lance, the major player and hottest guy at school, this up-close and personal contact with Lance throws her into a Whirlwind of Confusion over her chaste ideals. Meanwhile, Courtney's staunchly devout, strict-Catholic mom is pushing her own form of prudishness to the point of alienating the entire family, especially when Mom catches Court in a lip-lock with Lance in his car, right in her very own driveway! Laugh-out-loud funny, Dear Big V illuminates the conflict between hormones and values that teens face every day.

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  1. Count me in on this one too! It sounds adorable! TN

  2. This one sounds different - count me in!

    Amber (MO)

  3. Me too! Laura from Tattooed Books in NC

  4. I just wanted to let everyone on the tour know that you should feel free to write comments in the front and back of the book if you like! Hope you enjoy it. :)