Please Read The Rules Before Joining Any Tours!

It is your responsibility to Email Me ( For Next Address, before your mail by date! Please Email me a day or two before your ready to mail. Not the day you get the book! IF mailing early, please tell me, so I can get the address to you FAST!

REMEMBER: Mr Linky is for reviews only, not signups! To sign up, follow directions in each post! (comments-chatbox)

If you want added onto an already closed tour, please email me for permission. I may or may not grant it.


UPDATED 11/1/2011

Interested in joining Around the World Tours? Here are some things you need to know first.

DC IS REQUIRED, this is so we can track all books at all times!!!

  • To join, you must have a book blog (you review books on it) that you update consistently with book reviews (at least 1-2 a week). If you are a new blogger, you will have to wait until you can prove you are trustworthy (5 month min and consistent blogging). Consistent means that you blog more than twice a week with at least one book review and your posts are more than a paragraph long. This gives me the idea you are a serious blogger.
  • -If you take a break from blogging and you come back, your 5 months start over (since you took a break and were not blogging consistently). Or your start a new blog. You have to be blogging for at least 5 months on your current blog.
  • Sign-ups are done via comments. You must leave a comment for each tour you wish to be a part of.
  • Tours are organized by location to help cut down on travel time.
  • Tours may be limited to a certain number. Unfortunately, ARCS cannot handle a large amount of people. If limited, names will be drawn randomly from those interested.
  • Tours are not set in stone in any particular order. Just because you comment first, does not mean you are first on the tour. There are a lot of things that affect order such as state, how many books you have, etc. People will move around all the time! 
  • Please be gentle with ARCS when reading/mailing. This helps them last longer.
  • ARCs must be mailed within one week of receiving it.
  • Email me to get the next person's address. Tours may have shifted due to vacations/life.
  • When mailing ARC, you must get delivery confirmation. We use this to confirm when ARCs are sent and received. If you do not get DC or you lose the slip, it is an automatic Strike. DC is a requirement. You must also post the DC to the chatbox.
  •  Failure to post the right DC equals a strike. You must also post DC before the receiver gets the book. Failure to do this will result in a strike. Please post DC the day you mail!
  • When you receive or mail an ARC please leave a message in the appropriate spot.
  • Reviews should be posted in Mr. Linky no later than one week after mailing date to the next person. Feel free to wait to post them to your blog closer to the release date, BUT they MUST be posted somewhere within the week, most of use go ahead and post them on goodreads now. Either way, you must link it somewhere in Mr. Linky.
  • I have the right to give you strikes after you hit your 5 no reviews. You should be reviewing most books you receive.
  • Once you hit your 5 decline reviews a year, you will earn a strike for every book you do not review!!! Use your 5 wisely and try to review each book you receive! 
  • Even if you end up with 2 books at the same time, you must still mail them within the week (no exceptions). Most of us can handle reading two books a week or at the same time.
  • There is no excuse under any circumstance that you send the book to someone not on the list or someone farther down on the list before you mail to the next person. It is forbidden, that is why we have tracking, and if they aren't on the list than you should not be mailing to them and if its not their turn yet you should not be mailing to them. No exceptions.
  • If you claim you mailed a book and did not get DC and the receiver says they did not get the book, than you are automatically banned. This will help prevent stolen books! It is your responsibility to get DC! (pending review from me)
  • If you do not get DC more than two times, you are automatically banned. Remember, DC is a requirement!!!! 
  • 3 Reminders=1 Strike! 
  • If you wish to be removed from the tour, please let me know ASAP so that the ARC does not get mailed to you. If you are next on the tour and I've already given out your address to the person, I reserve the right to not take you off and it is your responsibility to mail it to the next person. This is so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to find someone else for it to get sent too. If you get your own copy it is your responsibility to come and tell me to remove yourself in advance (not the week of your turn.)
  • Each Person Can Pass on 5 reviews total. (I am allowing this in case you flat out hate the book and do not want to review it). Use your 5 wisely, and if you are not going to review it, than please fill out the review decline page.
  • Because this is an ARC tour site, reviews are mandatory! A review should consist of at least 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should have 5 or more sentences.  Feel feel to write more! 
  • There is also a rule that the DC must be scanned within 2 days if your using paypal or another online postage program. This ensures people aren't printing out postage online than not mailing for days. If it is not scanned within 2 days a late mark -strike will be assigned. If need be, you can go to the desk clerk and have them scan your label on the spot!I will evaluate case by case on this. For example, if the label does not get scanned until its destination but than the first scan shows up the day you mailed it, you will not get a late. (This is so people don't take advantage of using paypal to print and than not mailing for a week so they have extra time to keep the book). Hope you understand!
  • If more than one book gets lost in transit to you (when it says delivered) than your automatically banned. If books are going lost in transit to you than there is obviously a problem. If one book gets lost, than I will move you to the bottom of the tours. The goal here is to finish tours all the way through. (if it gets lost on the way, its not your fault. But when it says delivered and you don't get it, there is a problem that you need to look into). This is to keep things in balance.
  • When going on vacation, I require advance notice (2 week notification) to stop books getting sent to you. Failure to do this, and if you still get a tour book (because you forgot to tell me) all due dates will still be in effect. Please remember to tell me, so you don't get strikes for mailing late!
  • Reviews: Please do not link your review if you are not on the tour. It makes it more difficult if I have random reviews in mr linky when I see who is missing reviews for that tour. 
  • I reserve the right to close signups at any given time AND remove people from tours.
  • A strike will be given IF a book goes lost in transit to you, when it says delivered and you say you do not get it. (remember- more than once-you will be removed from all tours)
  • A strike will be given if you are wrapping a book poorly. You must use tape to seal the package. You must ship in a sturdy wrapper! I can not stress how important this is! 
-Please take good care of these arcs. Do not eat/drink on them! Do not go swimming with them! Please mail them in a stable envelope with lots of tape.

Exceptions May Be Made On An Individual Basis.

These Rules Are In Place To Prevent Problems And Stolen Books. This is for the safety of the site!

Honestly, if you mail your books on time, there won't be a problem, don't let the rules scare you!

Consequences to Breaking Rules 
I hate to include these, but you should know there will be consequences if rules are not followed. You will be banned from all tours if any of the following happen:

  • If you mail more than 2 books 5 or more days late. (5-9 days)
  • If you are over 10 or more days late on any book- automatic ban. (You should not be mailing any books this late-Sunday's DO count, Holidays DO count since they also count within the wk limit). 
  • If you mail 6 books late.On your 6th strike you are banned! So you can only have 5 strikes, that is is!
  • If ARC is sent out of order or to someone not on the list.
  • If you steal a book (or lose it) essentially the same thing since you are keeping the book.
  • If I have to remind you more than 5 times to post your DC you will get a strike OR if you post your DC more than 2 days late more than 5 times. (without me reminding you) you will get a strike. (this is essentially the same thing, you are posting your DC late)
  • You have a total of 6 strikes, and if so, you must still mail out all books you have in your possession. ( do not keep books, it makes you look petty, since our tours are public) (on your 6 strike you are banned!!!
  • I am no longer making people mail on Saturdays! So if you get a book on Saturday, your mail date will be a Monday!!!  
  • Remember you only have 2 (5) day strikes. If you mail more than 2 books 5 or more days late. (5-9 days) than you are banned.
  • Posting the wrong DC and me having to email you about it results in a strike. Keep track of which DC goes to which book!
  • Use your strikes wisely! Use them for illness, bad weather, emergencies, etc. 

I have the right to add or modify rules if I see fit. Please do not copy my rules. It took a lot of thought to get these rules into place.

Now that you know the ground rules I hope you are still interested in signing up! Without rules come chaos. If you are, please fill out the form below.

Why is it called Around The World Tours if its US only? When I started this site, I had planned to eventually make it worldwide however DC is not available worldwide so after long thought, it was decided to stay US Only. DC is required when mailing. After this time, everyone already knew the site as ATWT Tours so it is being kept as that. However, there are other tour sites that are open internationally such as Good Golly Miss Holly ARC Tours.

YOU MUST FILL OUT THE SIGNUP FORM TO PARTICIPATE! I will not hunt your address down.

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